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About Us is an independent hotel comparison site, making it easy and quick for you to find the best hotel deals around the world. How do you like the sound of millions of amazing hotel deals in over 100,000 destinations?

When you do a search, we scan over 100 major travel websites (including Expedia, Hotels.Com, Booking.Com and LastMinute.Com) to make sure you get the lowest price possible. Compare hotel deals at HotelBooking.Co.Uk and save up to 80 % on your next hotel booking…

Finding the right hotel at the right price couldn’t be any easier! And don’t worry – there are no hidden fees involved since we don’t charge any booking fees. Our website is completely FREE to use.

How the site works: We compare room availability and prices in the destination of your choice, at the dates of your choice. Simply fill in your booking requirements and click on the ‘Search’ button. You will then be directed to a results page including the best hotel deals meeting your exact requirements. When you find a deal that you like, click on ‘Book Now’ to choose the booking site you would like to book from. This will re-direct you to the site in question to finish your booking. Please note that you cannot book your hotel directly at – we only compare hotel deals for you and direct you to hotel booking sites to finish your booking.

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