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London Hotels

London hotel rooms are some of the most sought-after commodities in the whole of the city. Millions of tourists head there each year, throughout the whole year, as well as businesspeople and other Brits that head there for shopping trips and weekends away. That’s why there are so many hotels in London to choose from, and it’s why the competition is rife between each one. Due to the level of... View Article

Hotels in London are some of the busiest in the country. With London being bustling financial zone as well as one that has an abundance of tourists – both foreign and nationals – and being home to many sporting and musical events, it’s a haven for people to flock to each year. Therefore, those people all need hotels in the centre of London throughout the year. Which Hotels in London... View Article

Hotels near to Wimbledon are very popular. Wimbledon isn’t just about tennis during the UK championships there are speedway courses, horse racing, running events, the new Wimbledon theatre and lots more. Therefore, there are many reasons why people need a hotel in Wimbledon and we have the best deals for them. No matter what event you’re heading into Wimbledon, there are many fantastic hotels in London to choose from. If motorcycle speedway... View Article

Hotels in Twickenham are some of the busiest in London. As the stadium is home to many rugby matches as well as music concerts and events, there needs to be plenty of hotels and places to stay nearby. With rugby union being such a popular sport and ‘Twickers’ being able to hold 82,000 people – making it the second largest UK stadium – it needs to have accommodation for not only... View Article

Cheap hotels in London are highly-sought after, especially those near to Emirates Stadium. The Emirates Stadium, or Ashburton Grove as the locals call it, is Arsenal’s football ground. It replaced Highbury in 2006 and has cost the club and its investors £470 million to date. With a capacity of over 60,000 fans, you can see why hotels nearby are always booked up early. So, if you’re heading to an Arsenal match and... View Article

Hotels near Wembley Stadium are often booked out due to the area having many national events and tourists attractions nearby. However, with our help you can find the best hotels in the best area so you’re nearby to the stadium or events that you’re heading to. Many people like to stay in Wembley for business too, as well as for their London holidays, so that’s why there is usually a rush... View Article

London hotels in St John’s Wood become very busy when the national cricket games are being played at Lord’s Cricket Ground. As it can hold 32,000 bustling fans, many of which travel from around the UK and abroad, lots of them want to stay in the area. As an afternoon or a few days of beer, sunshine and cricket can be tiring it’s always good to stay in London for a... View Article

Knightsbridge hotels are located in one of the most upper-class and upmarket places in the whole of London and indeed the UK as a whole. Kensington and Chelsea Boroughs are where the rich, famous and well-heeled reside and stay while they’re in London and staying in one of the hotels here would be an experience if ever there was one. As you can imagine the hotels in Knightsbridge in and around Knightsbridge match... View Article

Hotels near Portabello Market are often the busiest in London. That’s because Portobello Road Market has seen millions of people pass through it over the years and that simply brings so many people to the area that need a place to stay. This area of London in W11 is a great place to stay as it’s within minutes from Central London and is filled with beautiful and quirky buildings. Portobello... View Article

Hotels in London that are on Brompton Road in Chelsea and Kensington are very well known. It’s because the world’s most famous department store is located on there, Harrods. In 2010, Mohamed Al-Fayed sold the company for £1.5bn, but it still continues to trade in the same way as it always has done since the early 1830s. Harrods is an astonishing building that stretches over 1 million square feet and has... View Article