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Arts & History

Cheap Hotels in London are perfect for those who would like to save money on accommodation, and have more money to explore some of the capital city’s top arts and history sights and attractions.

Many cheap hotels in London are located within close proximity to some of the city’s top iconic sights. For instance staying in the city will allow you to visit the historical Buckingham Palace, which is often one of the first places travellers tend to visit as well as other top sights such as the Houses of Parliament.

Should you be staying in a low cost, yet high quality hotel in the city, you may find that to keep the cost down they are located just outside of popular areas such as Mayfair or Convent Garden. However, you will find that these areas are very well connected via public transport often within walking distance of cheap hotels in London.

Hotels for Cheap in London Near Historical Sites

Cheap hotels in London are ideal if you want to visit historical sites, as there are a plethora for you to choose from near to some of London’s most iconic sights. Some examples of what you can see in the city include the Tower of London, which is located is the south east area of London. This sight is known to be more than 900 years old, and is a must see for those with an interest in historical sites.

Trafalgar Square is also a very popular area nearby many cheap hotels in London and also oozes history and culture. This area is also where you can find the iconic Nelsons Column, and is also where many pigeons can be found waiting for friendly travellers to feed them.

The world heritage site, Houses of Parliament, are also a must see if you are visiting London. It is in this area that you will find an abundance of historical buildings such as the beautiful Westminster Abbey and of course Big Ben which you may be able to hear chime each hour if staying in nearby cheap hotels in London.

Cheap Hotels in London Near Top Arts Attractions

Cheap hotels in London also enable you to visit some of the capitals top arts attractions as many are located near to great public transport connections, or even within walking distance to many art galleries, museums and iconic architectural buildings such as The Gerkin.

If you want to see a variety of art whilst staying in cheap hotels in London you really are spoilt for choice in London. Places such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Modern and National Gallery often have a vast range of exhibitions for you to enjoy for a reasonable fee, and are very popular not only with travellers from outside London, but locals too.

You will also be able to visit attractions such as the British Museum, which is ideal if you are interested in history, as well as art as there are often many exhibitions available throughout the year for you to enjoy here also. Additional attractions throughout the city include the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is great for all types of travellers staying in nearby cheap hotels in London.