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Hotels near London attractions can be found in almost all of the city’s districts, with the vast majority being located close to the capitals vast range of attractions. As London is diverse city, you will find that there is an attraction and site for all type of visitor, whether you are here on business, visiting alone or with young children there is sure to be something to suit all.

One of the best things about choosing to stay in hotels near London attractions is the sheer range of attractions and sites available for you to enjoy. You will find everything from historical attractions such as the Tower of London, to modern additions to the Thames such as the London Eye, which is fast becoming one of the best places to enjoy sky high views of the ever growing city.

Of course no trip to London would be complete without heading to central London to take a peek at her Majesties most well known residence, Buckingham Palace. With so many things to see it’s no wonder many choose to stay in hotels near London attractions.

Hotels near London and Outdoor Attractions

Hotels near London attractions are often centrally located, which makes exploring the city’s top attractions very easy. If you like to be outdoors, why not visit some of the capitals vast array of parks.

Hyde Park is one of the capitals most popular, and is a fabulous place for all types of traveller staying in hotels near London attractions. It is in this park you will find plenty of space to take leisurely walks, enjoy bike rides or simply enjoy a relaxing picnic on warm summer days. Those with families are sure to adore Hyde Park, as there are large grassed areas where you can enjoy fun games together, as well as a park full of swings and slides for youngsters to enjoy.

When visiting Hyde Park you will also notice that Kensington Gardens is located right next door. It is here you can enjoy various flowers in these well manicured gardens, which are especially beautiful in spring and summer months. You will also find that the gardens and nearby parks are wonderful places to visit in autumn and winter months so are brilliant for those who crave some fresh air and light exercise when staying in one of the many nearby hotels near London attractions.

Interesting Attractions Near Hotels in London

Hotels near London attractions near to an array of attractions are plentiful, and with so much to see and do in the city, it is no wonder that millions of tourists from all over the world visit the city each year.

If you are staying in hotels near London attractions and want to visit some interesting attractions you won’t b disappointed as there really is always something to see. For example, the National Portrait Gallery is open almost all year round, and often has new and exciting exhibitions for you to enjoy.

If you like fun attractions why not head to Madame Tussauds in Central London to try and spot your favourite waxwork celebrity? Alternatively, why not take a ride on a Thames River Cruise and spot sights such as Big Ben and the Houses of parliament as well as the cast range of nearby bars, restaurants and hotels near London attractions.