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Bed and Breakfast London

Most London hotels will offer breakfast a Bed and Breakfast London option, which includes a room and a morning meal. Sometimes the breakfast will be included in the room rate but sometimes there will be a surcharge. Given the variety of places to eat, most visitors tend to have their lunch and dinner meals outside of the hotel, allowing them the freedom to enjoy what London has to offer without being tied to the hotel as well as giving them the opportunity to taste the best the London restaurants have to offer.

Bed and breakfast London is usually sufficient to give you a start to the day to get around London with lots of cafes and restaurants to grab a snack if your legs begin to tire and your stomach begins to complain.

It’s always best to consult with the reception desk to ensure you know what times food will be served in a bed and breakfast London to ensure you don’t miss out in case you have a late start or want get catch an early meal so you can be on your way before the rest of London awakes.

What food is included in a Bed and Breakfast London hotel

Typically, all bed and breakfast London hotels have continental and traditional fried breakfast on offer. The continental breakfast will included croissants, cold meats, cheeses, rolls/breads, preserves such as jam and honey, and cereals.

A more traditional fried breakfast will include eggs (these can be fried, scrambled, boiled, poached), bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, potato hash browns. This is obviously a much heavier breakfast designed intended to keep you going for longer. Being more of a British tradition, we would expect all bed and breakfast London hotels to offer this type of food.

In both types of breakfast there’s usually an assortment of fruit, yogurt, fruit juices and coffee and tea. Be aware that, as with your hotel room, the quality and quantity of food on offer will vary greatly as will the price depending on where you stay. Not all B & B London hotels are the same, though.

Is it worth paying for breakfast in a bed and breakfast London hotels?

Taking your breakfast at the hotel has the added advantage being able to get your morning meal over and done with before you tackle the sites, or perhaps have breakfast before returning to your room to get ready before venturing out. However, as suggested earlier, there are numerous cafes and eateries that are open very early that may provide the same food(s) at a lower price. So, it becomes a trade-off between convenience and cost at a bed and breakfast London hotel.

Also, if you’ve prepaid for the breakfast and you find it unsatisfactory, you may find it a challenge to get your money back once you committed at the time booking. Most hotels give guests the option of paying for breakfast as on a per night basis, so if on the day you decide you would like to take breakfast at the hotel then you can do so. The daily rate will typically be more than the rate had you paid up front at time of booking, but this is generally the case for all hotels and not just bed and breakfast London accommodation.

Whatever option you decide, there are staple offerings on the high street with the likes of Starbucks, McDonalds as well as local supermarkets which sell continental breakfast items such as croissants and muffins, so you’re unlikely go hungry at a bed and breakfast London hotel.