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Big Ben

Hotels near Big Ben that overlook Clock of Westminster Palace as it’s actually called, are some of the most sought-after in the whole of London. It’s such an iconic landmark that it’s actually voted as the most important and recognizable structures in the whole of the UK! Therefore, staying in and around the most filmed landmark in London is a great feeling.

If this is your first time to London you’ll be amazed at just how imposing the neo-Gothic tower really is. Its 23ft high clocks are readable from everywhere you can see the tower from. In between buildings from Trafalgar Square or from across the Thames, you can see the tower from many different places and there’s always going to be hotels near Big Ben with those views if you know where to look.

Being one of the most photographed landmarks in England it’s no wonder that it draws so many visitors near it throughout the year. Surprisingly, it’s actually the third largest, free-standing clock tower in the world but in terms of atmosphere from the chimes on the hour, it’s one of the most impressive structures in the world. Having such rich history and surviving two world wars there’s no doubt that you will want your hotels near Big Ben to be near it.

Hotels Near Big Ben and Around Central London

Hotels near Big Ben are great to stay at if they are close to the amenities and the attractions. As Big Ben is an attraction in itself it will be a great spot to stay at if you can find a room near Big Ben. Westminster is such a beautiful place to stay and as you have the river and Tower Bridge there too, it’s a congregation of London’s most iconic landmarks in such a small space.

That’s not to mention that hotels near Big Ben that are close to Big Ben are within walking distance to pretty much every attraction and place of interest in the city. That’s the beauty about London is that it’s so close to everything and there is literally no need for a car or even to get a taxi. Public transport is brilliant, with the popular Underground Tube and the buses.

As you can get around very easily, you could stay in a hotel near Big Ben and then wander across the bridge or head to the shopping areas. Of course, on a night you could see a show or a performance in Theatreland and have a nice evening stroll back to the hotels near Big Ben.

Hotels in London and Big Ben’s Make-Up

Hotels near Big Ben can view the stunning Big Ben clock faces from afar. However, you might find yourself thinking about how the clock moves. It’s got huge bells and has gilded dials. It’s weighted with penny coins which balance the pendulum so it retains reliability and accuracy.

In the last 40 years its seen lots of maintenance work but that’s from withstanding 150 years of snow, ice, bombings in World War I and II as well as wind damage. Therefore it’s been maintained with just as much accuracy as it was built with. Augustus Pugin, who designed the clock tower, would be proud to know it’s still working perfectly well today and that’s a great reason to book one of the hotels near Big Ben.

So, if you’re looking for a room check out our best prices for hotels near Big Ben.