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Borough Market

London hotels near Borough Market often get booked up quickly, especially as it’s the financial hub for the UK, a haven for events such as concerts, sports and culture, as well as being a great holiday destination. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the hotel you want booked up early. If you see it on our site, book it today before someone else does.

One very popular place to go in London is Borough Market. It’s home to foods and stalls selling retail and wholesale food from all over the world. As you can imagine, it’s an event in itself walking through it and seeing all the different flavours and smelling weird and wonderful things, and better still, there are many London hotels nearby.

So, you can be within a few footsteps from Borough Market and spend time in your gorgeous hotel. The wholesale market runs through the night for the market traders to buy their goods for the next day from 2am to 8am, so it’s a busy place that never sleeps. However, there is plenty of quietness while you’re sleeping in the hotels near Borough Market.

Hotels Near Borough Market With Views of the Railway Viaducts

Hotels in Borough Market without doubt that have railway viaduct views are some of the most incredible and evocative in the country. As the markets are under the gigantic archways you have an atmosphere that cannot be beaten.

Shockingly, there have been many listed buildings near Borough Market that have been demolished for regeneration purposes, which is hard to believe but it does mean the area will be revamped and brought up to current standards and therefore there will be more London hotels in the future.

That means that buildings from the 1800s have been destroyed for the future of the area to be brought up to scratch. It sounds incredible but there will surely be method in the madness. The worst offender was the loss of Smirke Terrace, which was almost 200 years old, but if it means there are even more beautiful London hotels near Borough Market then so be it.

London Hotels on a Budget

London hotels are often thought of as grand buildings with luxurious suites dripping in gold leaf and silken materials, however, there are many hotels near Borough Market that are perfect if you’re on a budget. There are many restaurants, bars and stalls nearby that help keep costs down rather than paying city prices for everything.

As it happens, Borough Market hotels are just minutes from the centre of London so if you’re staying in London hotels then you can easily hop on the Tube and zip around the city for attractions, sightseeing and visiting the beautiful parks and cultural areas that London is renowned for. Borough Market is perfect for those who have a penchant for trying out different foods from around the world and sampling some unique fruit, vegetables and meat products. As the traders would have completed their purchases by the time you arrive at the stalls you have all the time to wander around and chat with sellers and try a few things out.

Borough Market is also a popular place for celebrity chefs to record their TV shows, Jamie Oliver being the most notable one, and if it’s good enough for him then it should hit the spot with you too while you’re staying in hotels near Borough Market.