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Camden Market

Camden Market hotels that are near to Camden Market are certainly very popular with both UK travelers and foreign tourists. You’ll find that staying near the fourth-most popular visitor attraction in London is something of a remarkable time for you. It draws more than 100,000 people each weekend to it, and that in itself is amazing to see so many people at one time on the streets of London.

You’ll find that hotels in Camden are often booked up quickly and therefore it’s a good idea to make the most of our site and see which rooms in Camden are available and vacant. You can guarantee on one thing and that is that it will be busy. No matter what weather system is floating overhead you will see people out in droves.

The Camden Market is located near to a stunning canal that brings an element of calm to what is a hectic place. The market stalls themselves are normally busiest on Saturdays but most people go on Sundays when the main trades take place. You can find out more about the markets from the staff at the hotels in Camden Market.

Camden Market Hotels Bustle With Life

Hotels in Camden are always busy with market traders from elsewhere in the country looking for a place to stay so they can set up early on the weekend market times. There is a whole host of items for sale at Camden Lock Market. As it’s on the Regent’s Canal you can enjoy breakfast or lunch or dinner at the canal and have a thorough shopping spree.

Although London is one of the most expensive places to shop in the whole world, you can find incredible bargains and even better the hotels in Camden are very affordable too. If you check out our hotel booking form you’ll see that you can save a great deal of money on hotel rooms in and around the Camden area.

It’s not just market traders that sell at Camden Market, you can see many regular people selling their wares too. Even Chris Evans, the radio and TV personality, sold lots of possessions at the market in 2004. So, if you’re looking to head to the markets then make sure you book one of the many great hotels in Camden Market.

Camden Hotels And Other Camden Markets

Camden Market hotels aren’t just focused around the main Camden Market, there is the Electric Ballroom which is an indoor market and has a stunning array of goods, such as unusual items, as well as independent designer goods too. The Inverness Street Market has plenty of fresh food and groceries for you to try out too.

The Buck Street Market is another one that is solely geared around clothes. You can see all of the T-shirts, vintage dresses and many different types of shoe sellers there too. As you can imagine you should pick large hotels near Camden Market as you could be going back with much more items than you brought with you to London.

The Historic Stables Market is the last market on the list of places to go to while you’re staying at the hotels in Camden. You can see a wider range of items for sale there and it’s no wonder this is a more popular market. If you want to go, check out our Camden hotels.