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Eating & Drinking

London hotels are not only often located within close distance to public transport and attractions, but all are usually situated close to an array of restaurants, cafes and bars. The range of eateries is London is phenomenal and ranges from cheap cafes to Michelin star restaurants.

What is great about hotels in London is most will have on-site dining facilities, especially those which are part of a large hotel chain, and those which are B&Bs. This means that you will often be able to grab snacks, enjoy breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner from within the comfort of your own hotel.

It is also common for medium to large hotels in the city to have a bar area within for those aged 18 years and over to enjoy a good selection of drinks from local beers to fine wines. Additionally, you will find that there are also external establishments for you to explore located close to most London’s hotels.

Hotels in London Situated Near Eateries

Hotels in London that don’t offer food or drinks on-site will typically be located very close to a great range of cafes, bars or restaurants, and often those that do offer these facilities onsite will be within close distance to external establishments also.

.If you are staying in hotels in London and want to really explore the capitals offerings, you will find that there are a great selection of cuisines for you to sample. This is due to the fact that London is a very diverse and multicultural city, so you will find a plethora of restaurants available for you to enjoy such as Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean and so much more.

To really experience London through cuisines visiting a restaurant or cafe that serves British classics is a must. Local dishes include hearty pie and mash, fish and chips and of course the true London delicacy – jellied eels. Whatever your taste you are sure to enjoy dining when staying in hotels in London.

Enjoy Bars Near Hotels in London

Hotels in London, especially mid range to luxury hotels will often have bars within where you can relax after an enjoyable day sightseeing and shopping to have a drink. However the city is also home to a great deal of other bars from trendy, and chic bars, to traditional English pubs.

You will find that in areas where luxury hotels in London are located such as Mayfair and Chelsea, are home to some of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs and wine bars, often frequented by the rich and famous, and of course those who are looking for sophisticated places to enjoy drinks in the evening.

If you are seeking laid back, yet fashionable bars to visit why not try areas such as Soho, which has an eclectic range of bars for you to enjoy including wine bars, affordable bars and even several traditional English pubs, which also offer food and snacks. There are also many bars around some of London’s popular tourist areas such as Trafalgar Square, Kensington and Leicester Square, which are perfect for those on a budget as well as those looking for bars which are close to public transport links making it easy to get to and from their chosen hotels in London.