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Emirates Stadium

Cheap hotels in London are highly-sought after, especially those near to Emirates Stadium. The Emirates Stadium, or Ashburton Grove as the locals call it, is Arsenal’s football ground. It replaced Highbury in 2006 and has cost the club and its investors £470 million to date. With a capacity of over 60,000 fans, you can see why hotels nearby are always booked up early.

So, if you’re heading to an Arsenal match and you don’t live nearby or if you’re simply visiting this part of north London then make sure you book your cheap hotels in London early. While there is a good choice of different places to stay, it’s not just football fans that stay here as there are tourists on holiday in London and businesspeople that need to be in the area too.

With the new ground having a three-tiered standing, polycarbonate roofing over the seating areas and modern architecture, there is a pull to it compared to other London football grounds. It’s the fourth largest stadium in the UK and is home to many more events, such as rugby and music concerts too. That’s why there are many nearby cheap hotels in London.

Cheap Hotels in London and Travel From the Emirates Stadium

Cheap hotels in London are located within walking distance of the stadium but there are hotels that are of equal value that are a few minutes on the Tube. Holloway Road Tube station is just a few moments away and the National Railway runs behind it too. This is perfect for people arriving from the north to hop off the train and visit the stadium straightaway.

At the southern end of the stadium, there is Highbury & Islington Tube station, which is perfect for nipping into central London for shopping, restaurants, parks and the main London attractions. However, if you’re staying in north London and are visiting the area just surrounding the Emirates stadium then you certainly can make a holiday of it and if you’re on a budget then you can enjoy the cheap hotels near Arsenal’s Stadium.

If you’re driving to the Emirates Stadium then be aware that there is restricted vehicle movements during a match day. This means that an hour before the game starts there are no cars allowed near to the stadium and therefore if you’re staying nearby and want to pass by it then you cannot. However, with public transport being so good in the area there is little need to have a car during your stay in the cheap hotels in London.

Cheap Hotels in London Are Perfect For Emirates Stadium Goers

Cheap hotels next to the Emirates Stadium are ideal for those on a budget heading to north London. If you’re looking at just visiting the area for a football game then there are a lot of costs involved from souvenirs to football shirts, the match ticket and your consumables too.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to save as much as possible on cheap hotels in London to help keep your budget on track. Although London is one of the most expensive places in the world, and certainly in the UK, it can be visited on a tight budget.

That’s why, if you’re watching Arsenal play then you should really look at minimising costs elsewhere, and to do that it starts with cheap hotels near the Emirates Stadium.