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Hotels in London that are on Brompton Road in Chelsea and Kensington are very well known. It’s because the world’s most famous department store is located on there, Harrods. In 2010, Mohamed Al-Fayed sold the company for £1.5bn, but it still continues to trade in the same way as it always has done since the early 1830s.

Harrods is an astonishing building that stretches over 1 million square feet and has more than 330 department stores trading from it. Having the privilege of visiting Harrods is a very special feeling and it’s one of the largest reasons why people stay in the area at hotels near Harrods.

It’s noted for offering credit to its most famous customers, when, way back in the earlier 1900s Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chaplin and Laurence Olivier as well as Sigmund Freud could put their purchases on credit. While the general public might not have the same treatment, you can expect shopping at Harrods to be a very memorable time and if you can get a room you’ll be very impressed by the hotels near Harrods, London.

Hotels near Harrods and the Future of Them

Hotels in London near Harrods that rub shoulders with the huge department store have no reason to worry about the sale of the shop to Qatar Holdings as it will continue to sell the same goods and have the same shops in it as always. You can still buy gold bars and coins off the shelf from Harrods Bank and the opulent interior is still as magnificent as always.

In the future, there will be Harrods stores opened in China as the Chinese travellers that purchase goods from Harrods outweigh any other nationality 3:1. So, if you’re staying in the hotels in London then you have one of the world’s greatest shops and brands nearby that you can be proud of saying that you’ve stayed there.

As the Royal Family used to shop at Harrods until the ‘burning of the warrant’s and the shop being noted for still selling fur it’s no stranger to controversy, and not to mention the dress code. It’s important to know these things before you go and shop there while you’re staying at the hotels in London.

Choose from Stunning Hotels in London to Stay at

Hotels close to Harrods that are in the Chelsea/Kensington area can be proud to announce that they are located close to the best attractions and shopping areas in the city. As Harrods is one of the most recognisable names in London and having a hotel there is something very special indeed, and it’s most likely to bring many more visitors just for being in the right post code.

Location is very important for hotels in London and that’s why some continue to charge high prices while others will struggle to maintain capacity. Even though London is so busy throughout the year you can guarantee it will be harder to find a room in a well-known hotel no matter what the price of a room is.

However, with our help you can find a hotel room that suits your needs, location and budget. If you’re looking to splash out then there are plenty of hugely luxurious rooms to choose from or if you’re on a budget then there are much cheaper rooms and affordable hotels near Harrods.