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Hidden costs of a hotel booking

When you are presented with a hotel booking form (or a travel consultant at the other end of the phone), the template is pretty standard: check-in date, number of nights, number of adults, number of children, room type, etc.  These fields are self-explanatory, and based on the information you provide, an agent will provide you with a price.

What isn’t always clear are the “extras” which are not included in the room rate, but must be included in the overall price when confirming the hotel booking.  The nature of these “extras” varies depending on the country and region/state.

It’s very easy for even the most seasoned travellers to overlook these costs, especially in the buzz and excitement of booking a holiday.  We aim to highlight these extras as they can add as much as 30% to the over cost, which can easily break the budget when making a hotel booking.

Taxes applied to hotel booking

Does the price include taxes?  Often, there are various taxes which are only visible just before you confirm your hotel booking.These taxes can often increase the overall cost of the booking by as much as 30%, so it’s essential you check the final figure before committing your credit card details.

The types of taxes vary depending on your destination.  General Sales tax, bed tax, to name a few taxes (there are many more!) that can be applied to our room rate when making a hotel booking.

In short, make sure you are aware of the taxes that should be applied by checking tourist board information or travel forums, so that you can at least question whether they have been added to your room rate so that you are not left shocked at the final figure of our hotel booking.

Transfers inside or outside a hotel booking?

How will you reach the hotel?  Airport transfers are rarely included in thehotel booking as this falls outside the realm of the hotel, but sometimes, the hotel will insist on a compulsory transfer for a hotel booking.  This is often the case for remote destinations e.g. Maldives, where you have very little choice in how you reach your chosen resort and the number of operators offering a transfer service are very few or exclusive to the actual resort.

Ultimately, make sure you read the fine print when confirming your hotel room whether it be on-line or over the phone, so you are fully aware of all the costs of the hotel booking.

Also, make sure you are aware of the currency you are booking in as credit card companies and banks alike are notorious for their fees and poor exchange rates, so you may find the final cost of your room is greater than expected.  There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding your statement with a bill that you were not expecting.Hopefully, if you follow these few tips and you can be sure that the cost of your hotel booking doesn’t spiral out of control.