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Houses of Parliament

Hotels near the Houses of Parliament that are adjacent or overlook the Houses of Parliament are obviously very sought-after places to stay in London. With Tower Bridge nearby and Big Ben, you’re skyline is dominated by some stunning sights. You’re not far from Westminster Abbey either, or Buckingham Palace, and that’s what makes staying in London such an incredible time.

The Houses of Parliament, or the Palace of Westminster as it’s also known, was built in the 11th century although it was different then and has seen many damages and rebuilds since. It’s always been a place of Kings and Queens and that’s why it’s so grand and opulent. If you are lucky and manage to book hotels near the Houses of Parliament then you’re guaranteed a great view.

Built from Anston, the sand-coloured limestone from Yorkshire, the Houses of Parliament is a fantastic sight. You can take photographs from nearly every angle and as it has the world’s most famous clock tower located at one end and Westminster Abbey located at the other, it’s one of the most impressive skylines this side of the Atlantic. That’s why you should stay at the hotels near the Houses of Parliament.

London Hotels at Night Looking at the Houses of Parliament

London hotels that overlook the Houses of Parliament are perfectly placed for one of the most incredible views and that is at night time. It’s lit from underneath and that makes it look like it’s floating on the River Thames. If you take a river ferry along the Thames, this is without doubt London’s most spectacular sights to see.

If you’re from the UK and are staying in London for a few nights to see a play, an opera, a concert or just for a shopping spree then it’s a great idea to find the hotels near the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. That’s because you’ll be more familiar with the area and the sights and seeing them first hand is something you’ll never forget.

The bronze statue of Oliver Cromwell stands in Cromwell Green on the opposite side of the palace from the river. It’s a lovely setting that has a main road passing by it so every time you pass in a taxi cab or on the bus you’ll see it while you’re travelling from the hotels near the Houses of Parliament.

Staying in Hotels near the Houses of Parliament

London hotels are fantastic if they’re placed within a good distance from the main central areas. That’s why many people, like yourself, look for London hotels that are close to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament or Big Ben as that means they’ll be only steps from the busiest areas.

There is access to the Houses of Parliament for visitors and the Royal Gallery is one such area. It’s a stunning display of artwork and there are seating for people to absorb the stunning views. As the House of Lords is held within the building it’s both a beautiful and purposeful place to be. If you choose from our hotels near the Houses of Parliament you’re bound to get a great deal on a room.

Without doubt, the Houses of Parliament need to be on your list of things to see while you’re staying in London and the closer the better. To book now, you can simply input your details and choose from the stunning hotels near the Houses of Parliament.