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Hyde Park

Hotels near Hyde Park are very sought-after as the enormous park is one of the natural highlights of London’s centre. It rubs shoulders with Kensington Gardens and has the Serpentine splitting the park in two. With pathways, picnic areas and many events that are held in the park, it’s no wonder many people want to stay nearby and get away from the concrete jungle of Central London.

Being located in the heart of the city, it’s an odd thing to see when you first arrive. You don’t expect such an enormous expanse of greenery that is so close to some of the best hotels, restaurants and areas in central London. The hotels near Hyde Park often have views of the park and that simply adds another dimension to your British holiday.

At Speaker’s Corner, a place that everyone should visit, you will see protesters and speakers having their opinion in the park. It’s a fascinating sight that sees a lively bunch of people having their say. Of course, if your hotel overlooks the park then you might be able to see it from your room and that’s why many people love to stay in the hotels near Hyde Park.

Choose from the Stunning Hotels near Hyde Park

Hotels near Hyde Park often look onto the grand entrance, which is also called Victoria Gate, and that’s where the magical feeling of the park comes into play. It’s a stunning entrance, one with three main archways and manicured lawns at the front. With the London hotels nearby you can stay next to the greenery of the park and be within walking distance from the designer stores and boutiques that grace the city.

As London isn’t just filled with attractions and sights for tourists, it is a meeting place for many businesspeople from all over the world, and therefore hotels near Hyde Park are often chosen for their central location. With grand hotels that are within a stone’s throw from the park or ones that are tucked away down small streets, it’s a perfect location for any visitor to London.

There is a Princess of Wales monument in the park which is a memorial that opened in 2004, and another for other members of the public that lost their lives in bombings. There is a botanical garden and to ensure everyone’s safety in the park the Metropolitan Police patrol the walkways and nearby the hotels near Hyde Park.

Concerts and Hotels near Hyde Park

Hotels near Hyde Park are often stayed at when there are major concerts on at the park. Queen and the Rolling Stones played in the park, as well as Blur, Madonna and many more over the years. Therefore, you can imagine the sheer scale of the park compared to other green areas in London.

With thousands of fans all heading to the same place and needing a place to stay hotels near Hyde Park can get very busy indeed. Therefore, if you are watching a concert and need somewhere close by to stay you should book a hotel well in advance.

With tourists, groupies and businesspeople all wanting to be at the heart of the action in the centre of London, it’s a good idea to choose from our hotels near Hyde Park and book early.