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Kensington & Chelsea

Hotels in Kensington are one of the favourite places to stay while visiting London. It’s just outside of Central London and has many of its own shops, restaurants and is a community in itself. It’s one of the most luxurious places too, and therefore, thanks to the Tube and bus routes it’s a fabulous place to stay as you can also head into different parts of London within 20 minutes.

Kensington is one of those places that is pulls many visitors to it. It’s popular with tourists from other countries as well as nationals that are spending time in London for events, shopping or just for a few days away. Therefore, the hotels in Kensington are often booked out.

So, it’s important to book a hotel earlier to avoid disappointment as they can go quickly. That’s why we have a page dedicated to the Kensington hotels that are available, simply fill in your details and what dates you want to stay there and we will show you the available rooms for your budget. You can choose from the most expensive to the cheapest hotels in Kensington.

Hotels in Kensington and the Nearby Attractions

Hotels in Kensington are all close to Notting Hill, which is one of the most happening places in London. It’s packed with great things to do and see, such as the Musical History Tour, the Film Walk, or you could visit the arthouse cinema called the Gate Picturehouse. Notting Hill Carnival is a two day carnival that takes place in August and is one of the most amazing cultural events of the year.

If shopping is your main aim, then do not forget about Portobelllo Road Market. It’s packed with fruit, veg, antiques, clothes and many stalls with a myriad of things for sale. When you’re staying in a nice hotel then you should always try and buy something as a souvenir to remind you of your hotels in Kensington.

Eating is big on the agenda in and around Kensington, for example, there are many German, Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants, as well as fine dining eateries that are perfect to really splash out when you stay at hotels in Kensington.

Hotels in Kensington and the Nearby Eateries

Hotels in Kensington and London in general are known for being host to some of the finest restaurants in the UK. There are many different choices to be had from the very cheap fast-food outlets, the street food, the Chinese or ethnic cuisine to the best of the best. There are Indian, Thai, Lebanese, American and Caribbean cuisine to try, however, if you want to push the boat out there are plenty of Michelin-star restaurants, some with celebrity chefs’ names behind them.

During your stay in hotels in Kensington you will realise that you’re perfectly placed for both the attractions and the natural beauty of London. Everything is seemingly within walking distance or if not, it’s just a short Tube or bus ride away, so don’t forget to buy an Oyster Card.

So, if it’s cheap rooms you’re after then you can find them in Kensington, but for medium and high-end accommodation your choice is vast and that’s why so many people, from celebrities to tourists and travellers, tend to stay at the hotels in Kensington.