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Knightsbridge hotels are located in one of the most upper-class and upmarket places in the whole of London and indeed the UK as a whole. Kensington and Chelsea Boroughs are where the rich, famous and well-heeled reside and stay while they’re in London and staying in one of the hotels here would be an experience if ever there was one.

As you can imagine the hotels in Knightsbridge in and around Knightsbridge match the houses and buildings with the luxury, opulence and decadence. Therefore, to stay in Knightsbridge you need to have a higher budget than other places in London but the pay-off of staying in the best area and hotels in London is worth it.

We can help you find the best hotel and vacancies for top quality rooms in Knightsbridge, simply fill out our form for a room and you’ll be able to pick from our best hotels in London.

Knightsbridge Hotels in London

London hotels that are in and around Knightsbridge are located near to the south of Hyde Park, Sloane Street and Exhibition Road. You’ll also be within a few steps of Pont Street, Brompton and Belgravia. All of which are the richest and most luxurious places in the whole city.

The Knightsbridge hotels are popular with celebrities as well as the rich and famous. You’ll find a whole host of upmarket and very expensive retailers here that match the ultra-expensive houses and hotels in the area. It’s one of the most exclusive areas of the city, and while it’s accessible from traffic and pedestrians it’s oddly quiet for being in the heart of London.

For shopping trips you’ll most likely want to flex your credit card at the likes of Harrods, Manolo Blanik, Jimmy Choo and Prada. Of course, you might fall in love with Knightsbridge and be tempted to look for homes here, and that’s where you’ll need very deep pockets, but for everyone else there are of course the Knightsbridge London hotels.

Knightsbridge Hotels and Transport

London hotels that are in Knightsbridge are right in the heart of the city. They are perfectly placed so that you don’t need a taxi or the Tube, but if you need to travel around London then the Knightsbridge Tube station is within steps from most of the hotels. There is, of course, scope to have a driver take you to your destinations should you need.

Most Knightsbridge hotels will be able to arrange a limo or a driver to drive you exclusively to your place of work, meeting areas or to the shopping areas away from Knightsbridge. If you’re on holiday and want to stay in the best place in London then you can definitely say that Knightsbridge is the place to do it in.

The leafy area of Knightsbridge, lined with stunning stone-buildings and gorgeous wrought iron gates is something of a beauty in what is such a busy and hectic city. You’ll find that the attraction of Knightsbridge is that it’s preserved and resists anything over the top or anything too modern. You’ll see other parts of London that have changed but this area is always at the very peak of what you’d expect from the most luxurious and beautiful places out of all the cities in the whole of the UK. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Knightsbridge hotels.