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London Areas

London Hotels can be found in almost all popular London Areas. This is one of the great things about visiting London, as the vast amount of hotels throughout the capital city, means that there is something for all tastes, preferences and of course budget.

If you are seeking London Hotels in trendy areas, which are close to an eclectic array of bars and shops, London areas such as Soho may just be the perfect answer to what you are looking for. Here you will find many boutique and high-street stores, bars and eateries, as well as being within walking distance to popular attractions and venues such as the famous Apollo Theatre and many more.

Should you be looking for upmarket hotels with a plethora of convenient services and facilities, which are within walking distance to some of the capitals most popular shopping areas and first class dining establishments, areas such as Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington are a must especially if you are seeking luxurious London Hotels.

London Hotels are Perfect for Families

London Hotels are not only great for singles, couples and groups, but there are also many great options for families too. With so many London areas to choose from including Central London, as well as the inner and outer boroughs you are sure to find the perfect hotel to suit your needs.

Central London areas such as Leicester Square, Paddington and Kensington boast a great range of family friendly London Hotels. Most offer a great deal of facilities perfect for those with children, such as twin rooms, en-suite bathrooms, provision of cots, and so much more, all of which makes your stay in the exciting capital extremely convenient.

The host of the 2012 Olympics, London, also provides families with a great selection of types of hotels to choose from. For instance, if you and your family seek something a little more personal and unique why not try one of the capitals boutique hotels or small, yet comfortable guesthouses and B&Bs, which are also ideal should you be on a budget. Alternatively, the city also boasts many affordable chain of London Hotels.

London Hotels Near Top Sights

London Hotels are not only available for all budgets and types of traveller, but there are also many within close proximity to many of the city’s top attractions and sights. You will find that you can easily visit not one, but several of the capitals offerings either on foot, or via public transport options such as the tube or bus service.

Whether you are visiting the city for the first time, or you are a repeat visitor you will find that many London Hotels are perfectly located only a short distance from sights such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, the London Eye and so many more iconic sights.

Even those sights, and attractions such as the National History Museum that are not within walking distance are very well connected by public transport options. For instance popular hotels are often located near to tube stations, which are very easy to use and quick ways to really explore the capital. Alternatively, you can really experience city life with the use of London buses, which will usually have bus stops outside most London Hotels.