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Millennium Wheel

London hotels near the Millennium Wheel or London Eye as it’s also known are very sought-after rooms. There are more than 3.5 million people go on the ‘Wheel’ each year and having a hotel nearby gives you a great view and something that is completely unique. You’re also just moments from the major shopping, dining, theatre and recreational areas of London too.

The giant Ferris wheel is located on the banks of the Thames, which lets you see the city from a different level and viewpoint, which is yet another reason why London hotels near the Millennium Wheel are very popular. It’s actually the largest of its kind in the whole of Europe and thanks to the pods that spin around on the wheel you are free from the wind and rain that often occurs in London, so you can enjoy at all times of the year.

So, if you’re visiting London and want a completely unique view and to be near to the river, then staying near the London Eye is a great way of really enjoying your time in London hotels near the Millennium Wheel.

London hotels near the Millennium Wheel and Other London Eye Attractions

London hotels near the Millennium Wheel always seem to have a good handful of attractions and sights nearby. It’s mainly because the city is rich with things to do and pretty much everything is within walking distance. You can see that the Dome of Discovery that is near to the Wheel, which is also a popular place to visit, that was built for the Festival of Britain some 60 years ago.

There are 32 pods that are air-conditioned that slowly go around the Wheel at a rate of 10 inches per second. This is slow enough for people to get on and off without it having to stop. However, if there are elderly or wheelchair users then it is stopped briefly to allow longer access times. You can imagine how exciting the wheel is for everyone that goes on it, and that’s why there are so many London hotels near the Millennium Wheel next to it to choose from.

It’s a gigantic structure, one that is as impressive as it is imposing. Each capsule weighs 10 tonnes, which is an incredible feat of engineering especially as it feels so solid when you’re in it. It gives amazing views of the city, ones that simply aren’t available from other buildings and London hotels near the Millennium Wheel.

London hotels near the Millennium Wheel and the London Eye from Yesteryear

London hotels near the Millennium Wheel that are close to the London Eye or Millennium Wheel are very special indeed. They have a little history with them too, as back in 1894, there was the Great Wheel which was in its place before the new wheel. This means that if you stay in a hotel that is nearby that’s an old building its had two wheels near it throughout history.

The old wheel was knocked down in 1907 but now for the Millennium Eye it’s here to stay for good. If you’re staying in London hotels near the Millennium Wheel and you want to visit the London Eye then you can book a room through our site for less.

We have a great deal on hotel rooms near the London Eye and that’s what makes London a great place to stay as you can be within steps of fantastic structures, buildings and places of interest during your stay in London hotels near the Millennium Wheel.