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Piccadilly Circus

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus are surprisingly available and easy to get hold of, despite it being one of the most popular places in the whole city. It’s famed for its neon signs and business as well as being in the heart of the West End Theatreland.

You’re really at the heart of the great city when you stay in hotels near Piccadilly Circus. With the London Underground located directly below the circle itself, you can be on your way around London easily, or you can walk to your next destinations. One thing is for certain, you must see Piccadilly Circus when you visit London as it’s the most memorable and iconic areas that you’ve probably only seen in movies.

As the London Pavilion is located near to Piccadilly Circus, you can visit the theatre and see performances and shows before retiring to your room just around the corner. This is the beauty about staying in Central London is you’re never very far from the happening and that’s why you can find a raft of hotels in Piccadilly Circus.

Cheap hotels in London and the Busy Piccadilly Circus

Hotels in Piccadilly Circus are often busy just as Piccadilly itself is. The phrase, “it’s like Piccadilly Circus here” is referring to the amount of people that are always located at the road junction. With the flashing lights from the neon signs and the myriad of shops, restaurants and things to do there, it’s one place that the majority of tourists, locals and businesspeople congregate.

If you’re staying in one of our cheap hotels in Piccadilly Circus you will be able to save money for your holiday to London. This is a great way of having extra cash in your pocket and as London is the place to out and about at all time, rather than cooped up in a room, it’s a good idea to splash out on other things such as shows, dining and partying while you’re staying in London.

Thanks to Piccadilly Circus being such a famous and notable place, it’s often where people meet up and enjoy their lunch or visit shops afterwards. Therefore, if you’re travelling with a few friends or family then it’s a good meeting place to remember in case you get lost while you’re staying at hotels in Piccadilly Circus.

Staying in Piccadilly Circus’s Cheap Hotels in London

Cheap hotels in London that are located in and around Piccadilly Circus are very popular with tourists, travellers, businesspeople and those visiting London on day-trips. Therefore, if you’re thinking of staying in a hotel room it’s a good idea to book one early as they are hotly contested commodities.

If you imagine that Heathrow Airport has 60 million people going in and out of it every year and there are more airports, train stations and a large road network connecting London to other places around the country, you’ll realise that if there is a spare room that you should book it immediately. You can see from our website we dedicate our time in finding the best and hotels in Piccadilly Circus for you.

So, if you’re looking for a good room in London and want to save money, check out our hotel rooms online. You’ll be surprised just how cheap hotels in Piccadilly Circus can be.