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Portobello Market

Hotels near Portabello Market are often the busiest in London. That’s because Portobello Road Market has seen millions of people pass through it over the years and that simply brings so many people to the area that need a place to stay. This area of London in W11 is a great place to stay as it’s within minutes from Central London and is filled with beautiful and quirky buildings.

Portobello Road is based in Notting Hill, which is one of the most luxurious and sought-after places in the whole city. It’s located near to Ladbroke Grove and holds host to the Portobello Film Festival, which has taken place since 1996. This is another reason why London hotels get so busy.

There is an energy to Portobello Road in London that isn’t seen elsewhere. It might be the pastel coloured houses and the unique look to the streets that make it a little ‘psychedelic’ but something is certainly very different and the fact there are many tightly-squeezed houses in smaller streets make it a very pretty place indeed, especially when you’re having a walk around before heading back to your hotel near Portabello Market.

London Hotels and Tourists

London hotels are filled with tourists. It’s a fact that millions of people head to London each year for sightseeing and making the most of the events and attractions that are there. You’ll find antiques on Saturdays, as well as many clothing, food and gift shops and stalls in the market.

Much of the antiques are from the 50s and 60s, and if you have an eye for detail and know what’s what then you could find a bargain. While you’re staying in London hotels you can see the beautiful market and all of the people bustling around there which is a sight in itself.

The architecture of the area really makes a difference and it’s this that makes the area have a buzz and a warmth. It’s also home to Britain’s Electric Cinema which is the oldest in the whole country and is a very special place to watch films while you’re staying at London hotels.

Camden, Portobello and Many Other Markets Near London Hotels

London hotels near to Portobello Market and Camden markets are fantastic as there are many to choose from. You often think that London is only filled with designer boutique stores that would make you bankrupt visiting, but there are cheaper options. You can find cheap hotels, cheap restaurants and cafés too.

It’s often the case that you’ll have more fun finding that special gift or item in the markets than buying from a department store. Although London hotels are very luxurious there are more comfortable ones out of the limelight that are just as impressive. However, depending on your budget you can find ones that suit your needs perfectly. So, no matter what your spending habits are and your preferences towards shopping you can find the best deal possible.

If you need to find a room in Portobello Road then take a look on our site and input your details. From there you can start to find the room that suits your budget and the dates you’re staying at the ultra-impressive, Portobello Road Markets and the lovelyhotels in Portabello Markettoday.