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Regents Park

Hotels near Regent’s Park in London that are near to the stunning scenery are perfect for both holidaymakers and businesspeople alike. As there is so much to do and see it’s one of the most perfect locations to stay at in the whole of London.

As these hotels near Regent’s Park are so close to the centre of the city, it’s an idyllic oasis that hides from the concrete jungle and yet is so close too. It’s also home to London Zoo and Regent’s College, so there is always people buzzing around and spending time in it, especially when the sun is out. With the lake and the bandstand adding a little bit of class and difference to the sky-scrapers of the Docklands it’s a little haven that’s just a few moments from the city centre.

There are boats you can hire on the boating lake, sports pitches, a heronry and many gardens that are achingly beautiful. If you want to see something lovely on your travels then Regent’s Park is the perfect place to go when you’re staying in hotels in Regents Park.

Sports in Regent’s Park When Staying at Hotels in London

Hotels in London are great for relaxing and unwinding, but many people want to keep up their training regime while on holiday or staying in London for business. That’s where staying near to Regent’s Park is a great idea because the park itself has many sports that take place regularly that you might be able to join in with.

Ultimate Frisbee, Australian Rules Football, hockey, football, softball, cricket and netball all take place, although many people simply use the park for jogging, walking and a place to relax in while staying in the hotels in London. If you’re travelling with children it’s ideal too as there are many playgrounds and things to do for kids.

When you’re visiting the park you’ll no doubt pass the stunning Hub building that is an award winner and is actually a modern style pavilion with underground changing rooms for the public. Cycling is also a popular past time to take part in when staying near to the park in one of the hotels in London.

Hotels in London and Regent’s Parks Residents

The hotels in London that surround Regent’s Park are very nice indeed. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like, and once you first see the park you think it’s just a recreational area for residents and inhabitants, but there are villas that were built on the park’s grounds.

These nine villas are absolutely stunning and are lived in by very wealthy people. Although they share the grounds with the park, they are very much private but you can still see their beauty from afar. There is the London Central Mosque located in the park too, which replaces the Albany Cottage that was demolished. As you can imagine, the hotels in London that are near the park are very well placed for tourists and travellers.

John Nash’s facades are one such attraction that is a must see. It’s a stunningly preserved place with offices now in the interior of it, but the outside remains an attraction in itself. Camden Green Fair is also held at the park, which is yet another reason to choose one of the hotels in London.