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Royal Albert Hall

Hotels near Royal Albert Hall are almost always booked out. It’s all to do with the Royal Albert Hall itself drawing so many visitors at all times of the year. There are always performances, shows and events happening from opera to comedy acts to different kinds of shows. It’s no wonder the hotels are difficult to get a room in.

However, with our help you can find the best, cheapest and most luxurious hotels near Royal Albert Hall so you can enjoy your time at the show and not have to travel to the other side of London to find your hotel. You can stay within walking distance of the stunning concert hall.

Originally built by Queen Victoria in 1871, dedicated to Prince Albert her husband, the stunning domed building is perfectly created to help with the acoustics and harmonics of musicians. It was built around the same time as Crystal Palace, but Prince Albert wanted more facilities to hold exhibitions and that’s why the hall was built. You can image why there are so many hotels near Royal Albert Hall for this very fact.

Splash out on Stunning Hotels Near Royal Albert Hall

Hotels near Royal Albert Hall are often thought to be the best in London. They are opulent, luxurious and beautiful to look at. With large rooms, views of the city and located in one of the best places in London for access to other parts of the city, you know that you’re in the right place.

If you’re in the UK and are heading to the hall for an event then you might only do that once a year, so why not splash out and get the very best hotels near Royal Albert Hall that you can afford? If you’re seeing your favourite opera or show and want to have a very special few days in the city then having a hotel to match the stunning performances is something of a necessity.

As you can imagine, the hotels are some of the best in London and often fill up quickly. You’ll have a great time at the hall and especially that you don’t have to hire a taxi because you can walk easily to the hotels near Royal Albert Hall.

Famous Events and Shows While Staying at Hotels Near Royal Albert Hall

Hotels near Royal Albert Hall often have celebrities staying at them. With the legends that have played at the Albert Hall in years gone by such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Les Miserables, The Corrs, and of course, Sarah Brightman it’s such an important place for musicians to play at as it can show they are at the top of their career.

Of course, there are orchestras and opera performances which are fantastic to see too. If you look at the line-up of what’s on throughout the year you’ll see why it’s important to book the hotels near Royal Albert Hall sooner rather than later.

While you’re staying in London it would be a good idea to see the Albert Memorial and spend time through the day near the hall as the stunning South Steps add a level of atmosphere to the building in the day light as well as at night. So, don’t forget to book your hotels near Royal Albert Hall early.