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Hotels in Shoreditch Close to Central London

Hotels in Shoreditch are at a great location as it’s just 2.5 miles from Central London. It’s a perfect place to stay in as its got fantastic transport links or you can simply walk into the centre of the city and visit the shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and see the attractions without breaking a sweat.

However, if you want to travel quicker then there are Tube stations nearby that take you all around London if you want to. When you’re staying in hotels in Shoreditch you’re right in the heart of what’s happening. It’s really fun to watch from your hotel window as the Londoners pass by and go about their busy daily routine.

Although Shoreditch has some poorly maintained areas it’s actually very nice and is home to many offices businesses that bring the area a new lease of life from a predominantly residential zone. The Hackney Community College is nearby and that has also brought a raft of cafes, bars and restaurants for the students to hang out in but are perfect for businesspeople and tourists that are staying in hotels in Shoreditch.

Hotels in Shoreditch and Transport

Hotels in Shoreditch are all located near to the Liverpool Street Tube station. This is brilliant for getting around the city from Westfield Shopping Centre at Olympia or to the Docklands on the other side of London. You’ll notice that there is Shoreditch High Street Tube station that is close too, which means you have very short distances to walk if you’re looking for a Tube.

With the neighbouring areas to the hotels in Shoreditch being so interesting and habitable you can jump on the Tube and head to Dalston in the north, Haggerston in the north east, Bethnal Green in the east, Spital Fields in the south east, Bishopsgate in the south, the City of London in the south west, Old Street in the west and Hoxton in the north west. As you can see, there is something of interest at all points of the compass, which is perfect if you want to see the most of London.

If a Tube isn’t available you can easily hop on a bus and take a short journey to your destination. Public transport in London is exceptional so it’s a good idea to buy an Oyster Card during your stay in the hotels in Shoreditch.

Hotels in Shoreditch and the Celebs

Hotels in Shoreditch are wonderful, that’s a given, but it’s the people that make the place. Shoreditch is very popular with the rich and famous, such as Peaches Geldolf Bob Geldolf’s socialite daughter, Hetty King, Damien Hirst, Henry Hate and Miquita Oliver from T4. It’s obviously the place to go if you want to shop for autographs.

William Shakespeare was also famously known for living near the hotels in Shoreditch. Of course, he’s not around any more but there is Barbara Windsor who lives in Shoreditch so there are plenty of people to keep your eye out for.

As you can imagine there are celebrities all over London and it’s highly-likely that you’ll see some during your stay. Of course, most people stay here as its fashionable and one of the hippest places in Central London. So, if you want a comfortable, affordable and fashionable place to stay check out the hotels in Shoreditch.