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Tate Modern Gallery

Hotels near the Tate Modern that are near to the Tate Modern are very popular with businesspeople, tourists and, of course, artists. The Tate Modern Gallery completes the Tate group of galleries, with the Tate Online, Tate St Ives, Tate Britain and Tate Liverpool elsewhere in the country. It is located in Bankside at the old Power Station and is surprisingly, a fairly ugly building.

However, inside is another story whereby it holds so many displays and exhibits of past and present designers and artists’ displays. If you’re staying in hotels near the Tate Modern, expect it to be a little tricky to get a room when there is a large exhibit on. If you want a room near the Tate then you should book now and save yourself any hassle as time draws closer to the day.

The Power Station was built in 1947 and finished the other half of it in 1963. It was closed in 1981 and until 2008 it remained derelict until the Tate Group decided to turn it into the Tate Modern Gallery that we see today. There are works of art from the 1900s up until today, and it’s mostly modern and contemporary art that you’ll see after you’ve arrived from the hotels near the Tate Modern.

Hotels near the Tate Modern Gallery and the Different Levels

Hotels near the Tate Modern are usually within walking distance from the Tate Modern Gallery. You’ll find the buses and public transport will help you get there if you’re a little further afield. However, there are so many more galleries and museums in London that you should try and get round them all rather than stick to one area.

The different levels of the Tate Modern Gallery show various different types of art works and displays. You can see Damien Hirst’s weird and wonderful art on Level 3, which also holds temporary art works on the same level too. It’s an amazing place to come to and you’ll be pleased that you managed to find hotels near the Tate Modernon our site.

There are extension works going on to make the Tate even bigger than it is right now. There are more areas of the power station that simply do not get used and can be turned into more galleries. At present the Tate Modern Gallery takes around 4.7 million visitors each year but that could increase with more exhibits that are added, and that will mean more demand for the hotels near the Tate Modern.

Linking to the Hotels Near the Tate Modern

Hotels in London are now linked across the river to the Tate Modern by the stunning Millennium Bridge that curves over the water. This is a piece of art in itself and it serves as the gateway to the gallery directly rather than having to go across a busier bridge further upstream.

There are exhibits that are perfect for families with children as well as those that have an eye for detail. It really is a must-see place while you’re staying in hotels near the Tate Modern.

If you’re looking for hotels that are near the Tate Modern building then take a look at our booking form and see which ones suit your price, budget, location and choose the dates that suit you best for staying in some of the hotels near the Tate Modern.