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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge hotel rooms are notoriously difficult to confirm but with our help you can find the best London hotel deals possible and book a great room with an even better view. Staying near Tower Bridge you will see that your room’s view looks out over the Thames and you can see one of the most iconic cityscapes in the world.

Staying in and around Tower Bridge hotels is ideal if you’re staying in London for business or pleasure. With the 19th century bridge being so impressive, daunting and iconic managing to get a hotel room here is a feat in itself. Thankfully, we specialise in rooms in London and therefore we can help you get the hotel of your choice.

Thanks to the unique way the bridge was built it’s both a suspension bridge and a bascule. It’s one of the most visited bridges by tourists in the world, mainly because you can climb up and visit the top area. No matter what time of day the bridge looks fantastic and you’ll be proud to stay in a Tower Bridge hotel.

Pick a Great Tower Bridge Hotel

Tower Bridge hotel rooms are available on both sides of the river as well as a little inland from the river. You have a great number of choices to pick from so if you’re staying for a few days then make sure you splash out and pick the best one. It will be worth your while if you spend a little more to have a lot more from your bedroom’s view.

The unique bridge is made to lift up hydraulically to let tall ships through, which is done by using hydraulic steam engines. It takes just five minutes for the road to split in two and lift up. It’s actually been labelled as one of Britain’s Best Buildings and it’s no wonder there are many people waiting to stay in a Tower Bridge hotel.

Although many people call it London Tower Bridge hotel, that name is actually for the bridge upstream. However, whichever bridge you can see from your room will be very special. And, as you’re near the bridge you are within the heart of the city so you can get around very easily from your Tower Bridge hotel.

Tower Bridge Hotel Rooms Now Available

Tower Bridge hotel room is something that many people search for and want to buy. If you can find a free room it’s wise to book it immediately. That way, there will be no disappointment and you will have secured a room in one of the most iconic areas of London.

Although there are many places to stay you can find a Tower Bridge hotel quite easily. However, with the competitiveness of other hotels and demand being often higher than the supply, it’s a good idea to book one as soon as you see an opening. We can help you with your hotel bookings in London, so get in touch today.

Tower Bridge has often been used in films and TV that while you’re staying you could see some filming take place. Therefore if you’re looking for a room in London and want to stay near the most beautiful and impressive bridges in the UK, then take a look at a Tower Bridge hotel.