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Trafalgar Square

Hotels in Trafalgar Square are some of the best in the whole city. Everyone that visits London should spend time in Trafalgar Square as it’s a place of culture, history and modernity all wrapped up in one. It’s a large expanse of pavement which is perfect for spending time in as a pedestrian and enjoying your lunch when it’s sunny.

You couldn’t have chosen a more central place to stay than hotels in Trafalgar Square as it’s right in the heart of the city and is iconic and memorable as anywhere else. Its home to the National Museum which is great for seeing England’s history, artefacts and you have a view of Nelson’s Column too.

There is, of course, lots to see and do in and around the square and that’s why many people tend to spend a lot of time in Trafalgar Square compared to any other place in the city. It’s also why there are many hotels in Trafalgar Square, London.

Trafalgar Square Hotels in London at the Centre of Everything

Hotels in London that are in and around Trafalgar Square in right in the middle of everything that’s going on in the city. There are speakers that have their say, the pigeons will flock around you and there are the stunning LED fountain lights that have displays on at night that are truly spectacular. It’s a great place to come to and it’s even better if you book a hotel room nearby.

If you’re staying in hotels in Trafalgar Square during Christmas time then you will see the gigantic Christmas tree and you might even catch the ceremony that takes place where the Lord Mayor and usually a celebrity switches on the London Christmas lights.

You’ll find that the public transport in the area is brilliant. With Charing Cross, the Embankment and Leicester Square Tube stations are all nearby and easy to get to. This is actually where you can get to all corners of London from and therefore it’s a great place to start from. So, if you are thinking about going to London and want to be central then choose Piccadilly or hotels in Trafalgar Square.

Hotels in London and Trafalgar Square’s Plinths

Trafalgar Square hotels in London are often chosen as they are so central. However, if you’re a history buff and love to learn about the different things that have happened then you really need to be near Trafalgar. It’s home to four plinths that have been erected to show tribute to notable people over the ages. The earliest plinth was built in 1844 and houses a bronze statue of George IV.

The second plinth is home to General Sir Charles James Napier and was built in the 19th century. The third plinth has Major General Sir Henry Havelock on it which was placed there in 1861. These are very grand statues and as they are made from bronze they are stunningly preserved. The fourth plinth was left empty and although there was much debate about who or what to put there, not to mention Ken Livingstone’s idea of knocking down the Generals there was a decision made to put HMS Victory’s statue on it. While you’re staying in hotels in Traflagar Square you should go and visit them.

The last plinth was completed in 2010, and now Trafalgar Square is complete. You can see why it’s so popular and why many people choose to stay here in the hotels in Trafalgar Square.