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Hotels in Twickenham are some of the busiest in London. As the stadium is home to many rugby matches as well as music concerts and events, there needs to be plenty of hotels and places to stay nearby. With rugby union being such a popular sport and ‘Twickers’ being able to hold 82,000 people – making it the second largest UK stadium – it needs to have accommodation for not only the fans but the event organisers too.

From Iron Maiden to Lady Gaga, U2 to Bon Jovi, there have been some big names hit Twickenham over the years. Staying in hotels in London and having access to the exceptional public transport system of the Tube and the buses makes it simple to get to. So, although it’s better to stay near to the stadium, there are other opportunities for staying in London so you can venture out to other parts after the game or over a few days surrounding the rugby match.

The England team play at Twickenham so there are always fans that need to stay in a hotel nearby. As England play a myriad of other teams from the New Zealand All Blacks to South Africa or Australia, there are domestic teams that play too. Of course, if you’re watching the IRB Rugby Sevens then you should certainly stay in the hotels in Twickenham.

Hotels in Twickenham and the Rugby Finals

Hotels in London are needed for those dedicated rugby fans that travel from far and wide to get to see the tournaments. As the RFU own the stadium there are many important matches that take place, either at Twickenham or the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. However, if you stay in Twickers then you can head to Central London for a city break too.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do and see while you’re staying in hotels in Twickenham, such as seeing concerts from Rod Stewart, The Police and the Rolling Stones. As crowds flock to the stadium not everyone can make it home that same night and need to stay over, so that’s why you should choose a good hotel. If it’s just for one or two nights, then there are some great deals available.

It’s amazing how many events occur at the stadium itself and nearby. If you check online to see what is happening in and around the area then you could add a few other events to go to and spend a few more nights in the hotels in Twickenham.

Try a Few Hotels in Twickenham

Hotels in London are very sought-after and fill up quickly. Therefore, to make sure you get the best room in the city and one that’s near to Twickenham you should book early and through our site. If you need a suite or just a cheap room for the night, we can help you find it.

If you’re heading there for the rugby, you will see tries and conversions all day long, and to really experience hotels in London you can ‘try’ a few different ones yourself. Booking online makes it faster and easier, and in many cases, a lot cheaper too.

When it’s rugby season or you want to see a concert that is being held at the famous stadium then you need to act fast and book your hotels in Twickenham.