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Wembley Stadium

Hotels near Wembley Stadium are often booked out due to the area having many national events and tourists attractions nearby. However, with our help you can find the best hotels in the best area so you’re nearby to the stadium or events that you’re heading to. Many people like to stay in Wembley for business too, as well as for their London holidays, so that’s why there is usually a rush to get a good room.

If you’re heading to this part of London for an important football or rugby match, there are many places to stay nearby. With 90,000 people going to the same venue on the same day, there needs to be plenty of hotels in Wembley. However, there are nearby hotels in Tottenham, Wood Green and Golders Green too.

Don’t forget, if you’re heading to see a sporting event that there are many shops and attractions in the area too. Of course, there is Central London that you can go to but there is boat hire on the Lea, the Bruce Castle Museum and of course, the football stadium tours, such as White Hart Lane or you could head to the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green during your stay in hotels in Wembley Stadium.

Hotels in Wembley and Dining

Hotels in Wembley are often used for tourists and businesspeople. Of course, you could use the hotel’s restaurant, but getting out and about while you’re staying in London is a great idea too. If you’re staying in the Tottenham and Wembley area, then there are many dining options to choose from such as those exquisite eateries on Crouch End and Harringay.

Those foodie places near to the hotels in Wembley Stadium are mostly ethnic minority places which means you have the world’s food on your doorstep, such as Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern and Mexican. Of course, you can head to Golders Green for Korean or Chinese food, or to Harrow for chain-fast food restaurants.

So, if you’ve had a day out shopping for bargains at the thrift stores and charity shops, or been to the markets nearby then you can enjoy the restaurants, cafés and take a walk along the Lea or the Thames while you’re staying at nice hotels in Wembley.

See More When You Stay at Hotels in Wembley

Hotels near Wembley are close to some of the most fascinating attractions and sights in this part of London. For example, the BBC studios are located at Wood Green where the first televised programme was recorded. It’s now an event and exhibition venue as well as having a boating lake and an ice rink. It’s also got amazing views of the city, which is why most people have Alexandra Palace on their list of places to go while staying near Wembley.

Nearby Tottenham has just as many sights and attractions, such as White Hart Lane, Bruce Castle Castle Park, Tottenham Marsh and many shops. While you’re staying in one of the hotels in Wembley it’s a good idea to head to Harrow, Tottenham and Wood Green, of course.

If you’re a war buff then Hendon is the place to head to. It’s got a fascinating RAF Museum, which details the British history of the area and has information, artefacts and images from WWII. As you can imagine, there is lots to do while staying in hotels near Wembley Stadium.