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Westminster Abbey

Hotels in Westminster are the cream of the crop. They are located in the true centre of London and they are incredibly popular. It’s not just the well-heeled that stay in Westminster, there are budget hotels and medium-range ones there too.

As Westminster is such a stunning area especially with the Abbey standing so grand and the beautiful buildings surrounding it. It’s a magical place and one that is so well-placed for access to the shopping zones in Central London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the River Thames. If you manage to book a room in hotels in London then you must stay in Westminster, if possible.

It’s always a good idea to book in advance and ahead of time as London is a very popular place not just for holidaymakers and tourists but for businesspeople and other Brits heading to the capital for events, a weekend break or music concerts. So, if you’re thinking of where is best to stay in London why not try and see if you can book a room in one of the hotels in Westminster.

Hotels in London and Westminster Guaranteed to Impress

Hotels in London, especially at Westminster, are fantastic to stay at mainly as there is little or no need to think about transport as most places of interest are within walking distance. If you’re on a cultural jaunt then you could go and see the Westminster Abbey Museum which has the tomb of King Henry III and many other exhibits that are bound to impress.

There are historic effigies of Elizabeth of York, Henry VII, Edward III and many more. With the oldest altarpiece, from the 13th century, being there as well it’s no wonder that the first place people think of when they are wanting to book hotels in London is Westminster Abbey.

The Abbey itself is enormous, towering above the other buildings nearby. It dominates the skyline yet is so beautiful that it isn’t daunting. With Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament nearby as well as the London Eye there are lots of tall structures and that’s yet another reason to spend time in this area and stay at one of the hotels in Westminster.

Stay in the Best Hotels in Westminster

Hotels in Westminster are frequented by the rich and famous, as well as the general public. That shows that the prices aren’t over the top and yet you can expect the very best hotel rooms that you can afford. There is a great deal of hotel rooms to choose from, just take a look at our booking form and you’ll see what the prices are like.

The closer you can stay to Westminster Abbey the better as it’s located in the heart of the city and is a tremendous sight if you’ve never seen it before. It’s a grand old building, once a cathedral and now an abbey and filled with history. If hotels in London view the abbey, on an evening you’ll see the stunning silhouette.

When you’re ready to book a room near Westminster, simply fill in your details on our booking form and see what dates you prefer. Once you find the hotel that is priced right for your budget, then you can go ahead and book and look forward to your holiday in London and staying at one of the many beautiful hotels in Westminster.