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Hotels in London

Hotels in London are some of the busiest in the country. With London being bustling financial zone as well as one that has an abundance of tourists – both foreign and nationals – and being home to many sporting and musical events, it’s a haven for people to flock to each year. Therefore, those people all need hotels in the centre of London throughout the year. Which Hotels in London... View Article

Hotel Booking is becoming increasingly important and the places people are visiting around the world are changing each and every day. People are changing where they are going and every year new destinations are becoming to the forefront in the world. But which is the next popular destination in the world to make those last minute hotel deals. According to recent surveys, the Maldives is the most popular destination for... View Article

When you are presented with a hotel booking form (or a travel consultant at the other end of the phone), the template is pretty standard: check-in date, number of nights, number of adults, number of children, room type, etc.  These fields are self-explanatory, and based on the information you provide, an agent will provide you with a price. What isn’t always clear are the “extras” which are not included in... View Article

Hotel Booking has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Long gone are the days where a travel explorer would contact the hotel directly for their booking and hotel deals. The internet has changed how one not only chooses a hotel but makes the booking. Travellers all around the world can now compare a large number of not only hotel booking suppliers, but compare each and every hotel review led... View Article

When making a hotel booking, there are various factors that affect the overall room rate. These include: location, booking period, length of stay, amenities offered, brand, promotional tie ins.  Once you understand these, you are able to gauge whether you are receiving fair price in relation to other accommodation offered when making a hotel booking. Whenever someone is making a hotel booking, there is a purpose in mind.  If this... View Article

Hotel Booking methods have changed dramatically over the years and it is important to keep your details secure and safe. Knowing which website to trust and which not to trust can be the difference between making a secure booking and a fraudster cleaning out your bank balance. What consumers need to understand is to always look at verified and trusted sources which mean looking for logo’s and signs which show... View Article

Hotel Booking is one half of booking a holiday/business trip/short stay, the other being your mode of transport whether it by plane/car/bus/etc.  As the world becomes increasingly connected from a transport point of view, more and more people are keen to visit all corners of the globe, even in these times of financial difficulty. Traditionally, anyone wishing to book accommodation would have visited a travel agent on the high street... View Article